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How it works at Mortgage Planners

If you’re thinking of taking out a mortgage, contact Mortgage Planners first. Of course you can call us in at any stage of your negotiations, but why not save yourself the bother? Involve Mortgage Planners right from the beginning, and we’ll save you time and money by taking care of all the details. Here’s how it works:

Before we start, we make it clear – you get our service for free.

Next we sit down with you and discuss your financial position. You let us know how much you want to borrow, what you want the mortgage for, and how it will fit in with your budget.

Then we go shopping for the mortgage solution that fits with your plan, so you can start your house hunting with confidence.

Your mortgage may be approved, but Mortgage Planners still have work to do! We connect with your solicitor and real estate agent to make sure all the details and documents are taken care of in good time. Before settlement date, we check back with you again to make sure everything is on track.

Not sure if you need Mortgage Planners? One of these could be you:

  • First home buyer – if you’re new to the property market, we’d be glad to help.
  • Buying your next home – don’t just transfer your existing finance, ask us to explore your options first.
  • Building a new home – we can source finance for land as well as new construction.
  • Refinancing your mortgage – we’ll shop for the best deal.
  • Restructuring your finances – for better control or cash flow, we’ll get you organised.
  • Property Investment – needs planning! Let us work with your accountant to structure your investment and maximise tax benefits.

Whatever your mortgage needs, Mortgage Planners can help you – for free. How does that work? Banks and financial institutions pay us to bring them your business, that’s how.

If you’re on the list, contact Mortgage Planners to save time, money and hassle, and get the mortgage that is right for your needs.